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Until now - The untold story of a single mother with 3 kids and their crazy life together. Hey, if anyone has an extra manual, I need it!!

My last little baby

Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Well its official - my last baby is now is school. Yesterday B went to Kingergarten *sniff, sniff*. She of course was a little champ, too cool to move and was I nuts when I thought she needed any of my help with her book bag or instructions on what to do and where to stand - I mean what was I thinking??? She hardly even waved to me when she entered the building. I cant believe my little sweetie has started her school career. Next year when S is 14 and she is 6 almost 7 I will have him pick her up from school and they can stay together until I get home which is only and hour and a half. Boy will that save hundreds and hundreds of dollars! I also have a couple of friends in the neighborhood that will be home at that time as well that have agreed to keep an eye out so that helps too.

Things are going fine with my sister and nephew living with me. Although I am behind on all my bills at the moment because she is unable to help pay any of them (thinking of you Safa the entire time, lol) at this present time but we arent trying to rip each others head off. We are very different in that sence. She will blow off the handle reall quick and I will kill her with my calm, cool and collected demener. All in all if she starts to act like a maniac I will just ignore her! =) I dont like to play games - especailly that kind.

Summer has really come to an end and we are all back on the grind. Schedules, school work and sports are all in effect right now. S is playing for a different football team this year. He decided to join a team that is more his size instead of his regualr win every game and the championship game team. The team he is on now is "OK". They wont be winning any championships but they wont lose all year either. S is doing very well on this team - it has given him the opportunity to shine in all the areas he does best. As long as he is happy - I am happy. He is the one that has to be out there playin with them all the time, not me.

B and N are getting ready to start gymnastics. I wasnt going to put N in since she didnt do good on he report card but it helps to keep her weight down and maybe if she gets into it it will help her keep her grades up. I know she can do it she is just lazy. I will try this for no longer than 2 report cards and if I dont see it working then she is out! B on the other hand will have to deal with all that next year if she isnt doing well in school - unless for some crazy reason she doesnt do good in Kindergarten - ugh!! the thought - un-imaginable - not my little sweetie.

Streap and a common cold just got through running its toll on my house. I hope with having the air off and the windows open these past few days and the rain killing the germs that we are done with that for a while. I had a great summer this year - probably one of the BEST summers I have ever had. I am happy in every part of my life and things seem to be going well. I will give thanks to the good lord for all of that and to my family and friends. I would be nothing without any of you!

Happy Birthday Momma

Friday, August 18, 2006

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All my children love me very much as they should but the love that N has for me is much different than the other two. Her love for me runs VERY deep. We like to call her Queen Latifah cause that is who she is like. When I get old this is the one that will take care of me the most. Her heart is very big BUT dont be fooled by her sweetness she will attack if necessary!

Happy Birthday Sweetie - I cant believe you are 10 already. You have grown so fast. I love you with all my heart and soul. You are going to become a beatuiful woman one day and make your mommy very proud. Keep your head up sweetie and reach for the stars!

Is anyone still out there..............

Tuesday, August 15, 2006
I know I have been a horrible blog buddy but someone very wonderful bought me a new laptop so I can get on the internet at home. YYYYEEEAAAHHHH!! I promise I will start to post more.

My Florida vacation was off the chain. We all had a ball. I havent put my pictures on a disk yet so as soon as I do I will let you know so you can check them out. I know I have had plenty of time to do it - things have just been a bit hectic around my house lately.

I havent posted in a while but that is because I really cant talk about whats going on in my life right now. Its nothing bad its actually really good - I just dont want to tell anyone too much about it. I will tell you that I am in LOVE and its wonderful - its like nothing I have ever had before. He makes me feel beautiful, he loves the things about me that I want a man to love, he is intelligent, he is kind, he give me chills everytime I am around him, he teaches me new things - good things, lol and you all will find out soon enough who this man is. For now that is all you get! =D

My sister and nephew D live with me now. We had to do a fair amount of re-arranging to fit them both in my 3BR townhome. Its been ALOT. Dont get me wrong I am happy to have her with me but man I have soo busy and its just non stop. I do have to admit that I am not the type of person to just lay around and I like to keep it moving but I also like to chill a bit. Chill at bit hasnt been in my schedule to often lately. D is doing much better - she is doing much better and it makes me happy to see such progress in both of them in such a small amount of time.

S started football a couple weeks ago. He was gone all last week at camp and before he left they told him he could be the 1st string running back. Well at practice yesterday (he of course was a BEAST!) he was told until he learns all the plays he cant be 1st string offense but 1st string defense. He loves defense so he was still happy. You better believe he is tryin to learn those plays quickly, lol. He has a scrimmage tonight and I am so excited! =D

Now I need to go read some blogs and play catch up! Have a Great Day!

I was tagged

Thursday, August 10, 2006
I think Brandi is just trying to get me to update my blog by tagging me with this.

5 Items in my Freezer
Ice cubes
Baking soda
Popsicles (spelling??)
Pot Pies

5 Items in my Closet
TONS of shoes
Tee shirts
Tank Tops

5 Items in my car
Black Ice Scented Tree
Outdoor Chair

5 Items in my purse

Who I tag - NO ONE! =D Sorry love!

Anyone have an extra lung?

Friday, July 14, 2006
UGH!! I am sick =( I have allergies (shut the hell up Brandi) but what happens is the alleriges can become something else, like a respitory infection, a sinus infection and even sometimes pneumonia. I think that is what has happend with me. My chest is kiling me my caugh is deep and I am producing "stuff" when I caugh (althouth I can never get it out of my throat so I goes into my belly and makes it hurt - like I need another ailment - I know I know TMI) and I wheeze a bit when I breath so I know its in my chest and in their good.

I leave for vacation Sunday morning so if I dont get my busy ass to the Dr. today I will be miserable the entire vacation. I love vacation but for some reason (and its very bothersome) I am not as excited as I should be or have been in the past =( I have a lot going on here at home and maybe its just bad timing (when is vacation bad timing - see somthing just aint right?!?) or maybe I am just tired as hell and need the freakin break. I dont know - but what I do know is I hope to feel better physically and mentally once I arrive at my vacation spot.

A ton of people have jumped on the bandwagon and will be going with me on my vacation - shit its gonna be a freakin home away from home, LOL I can seem to shake these damn people (sorry love not you, hehe) I am teasing, I love that these people and myself are taking this trip together - I am sure it will be a memorable one!

Now yall know damn well I wont post while I am on vacation and maybe not for a couple of days after I return - but you all know I have love for ya and will checking back with yall the week after next.

Have a wonderful weekend!! =D